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A beautiful Ebony and Fir burr bentwood ring. The contrasting wood colours really compliments each other for a truly unique look.

How do I make Bentwood rings - Bentwood rings start with a wood veneer. The veneer is then treated to allow it to be pliable and is wrapped to a desired ring size and left overnight to dry. Next the inner in this case fir burr is roughed on the outside for the outer layer (in this case ebony) to be applied onto the inner. The next step is hours of careful turning on the lathe getting the ring to the perfect size and shape. Once this has been done the ring is giving a protective coating to ensure the ring is fully waterproof and extremely rigid and strong. The end results is as you can see in the picture: a truly beautiful, unique ring that will last years with proper care.

Benefits of a bentwood ring compared to cut-out rings - As bentwood rings do not cut into the grain and instead wrap the wood around itself means the rings remain extremely strong as there is no open ended grains that water can penetrate into and causing the ring to split as cut out rings are prone to.

I can produce rings to a wide range of ring sizes, so please do not hesitate to contact me directly to discuss any options you may have that aren’t in any of my products. The sterling silver inners have to be ordered in therefore processing times vary but I will do my best to get it to you asap.

I would love to hear your thoughts once you have received your ring and also as you go on wearing it in the future.

* Please note that whilst every effort is made to ensure the completed piece matches the item in the photographs, it should be kept in mind that these are bespoke, made to order items and some very minor differences may be observed on the delivered product, for example; precise wood grain and stone patterns.

* Although my rings are fully waterproof I would recommend avoiding contact with harsh chemicals as this may tarnish the ring. The rings may also scratch against sharp objects as a normal metal ring would do.