About Us

Sam Hawkins grew up in the countryside in the small village of Shepton Beauchamp in the heart of Somerset. From a young age Sam passion was making things, from simple crafts in the house to building a fully functional wooden go-kart, he always had a project on the go and it was safe to say he enjoyed designing and making things. Sam studied English, Geography and Environmental Science at Richard Huish College in Taunton and following his graduation he spent 8 years in the Armed Forces. Throughout his years in the forces Sam continued his making flair, building multiple items anything from candle holders, to under-stair storage units. 


Sam married his wife Rhiannon in 2013 and had daughter Evelyn (5) in 2014 and son Elijah (3) in 2017. After a number of moves, and long periods being spent away from family, Sam knew the military life was no longer for him or his family.  Sam thought long and hard about what he wanted to do once he left the military, he knew he wanted to do something involving his passion which was designing and making things and having made a number of wooden plaques, keyrings and wooden love spoons for gifts over the years he happened to stumble on ‘bentwood’ rings on a YouTube search. Sam immediately knew this was what he wanted to do, it was something unique, relatively inexpensive to start up and required minimal tooling. In his last few years of the military Sam new found focus meant that he spent all of his spare time watching jewellery video’s, reading jewellery books and practicing his craft until he felt comfortable selling and displaying his items, he began Sam Hawkins Unique Jewellery in 2017 and started to sell his bentwood rings to customers. 


Since 2017 Sam has developed his craft, invested time and money into learning how to broaden his skillset to include metal into his work. This included taking a silversmithing course and purchasing all the tooling required to make gold, silver, mokume gane and damascus steel items. Sam has a workshop in Shepton Beauchamp where he designs and creates work by hand, with much of his work coming from private commissions which is something he really loves to do “from receiving the first email from the customer to drawing the design on paper, hand making the item and receiving the positive feedback on how special the item is and what it means to them you simply cannot beat that feeling”.  Sam has now created a wide portfolio of custom and unique ‘one off’ items which he sells to customers all over the world on his website and Etsy. Sam also has a YouTube Channel where he creates how-to videos on many of his project showing the process of how he creates his items which also acts as a personalised touch to his customers who get to view how their item was made.